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The Development Fund Explained

We’re now into our fourth decade as a football club and with each passing season the realisation that we need to improve our facilities at Hillock grows stronger.

The club are already in advanced stages of planning our improvement to facilities at Hillock, crucial to which is the input of the club’s members.

Our current plans include re-modelling the interior of the clubhouse to re-instate the kitchen and eating area as well as repairing the roof and changing facilities.
Early estimates put the cost of the building work, including expanding the car park and establishing marked car park spaces, at £47,000

Fortunately, many grants are available to assist with the work, but as is quite common with any kind of redevelopment, we need to put in a substantial amount ourselves; the Development Fund has been set up to raise that money.

How Much Money Do We Need & How Can I Help?

With an overall target of £47,000, the Development Fund needs the help of every Unsworth Junior Football Club member. The Development Fund needs you! Only with your help will the dream of having facilities to be proud of become a reality.

Fundraising will take various forms and will be co-ordinated by the club’s Development Fundraising Group and the club’s committee, which will meet regularly to plan events, drive fundraising initiatives and review our progress towards the £47,000 target.

Get Involved!

If you have any ideas about how the club can raise money for the Development Fund then please get in touch or come along to Development Fundraising meetings or committee meetings, where you can get help and advice from fellow club members or get involved in other people’s fundraising events or ideas.

Next Meeting - This will take place at a date and time to be confirmed. If you cannot come along to meetings then please contact us and let us know your ideas so we can put them into action and take a step closer to our goal.

The DF can be contacted via the contact us link on the left hand side of our website, should you have an idea but may find it difficult to submit and or run with the event. No idea should be wasted.

Alternatively, email our Facilities Manager, Denise Middleton at:-This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paying Into The Development Fund

If you wish to make a contribution to the development fund, or set up a standing order, we currently have a PAYPAL donation link on the right hand side of our website (just below our DF thermometer, showing current fund progress).

Forthcoming Events

This website is one of the places where you can keep up-to-date with Development Fund events. Please keep a regular look out on our news pages.

Please also look out for Development Fund events and fundraising activities, either around Unsworth Football Club games or our home ground at Hillock Playing Fields, Whitefield. Got an idea to raise funds?

Unsworth Football Club’s Development Fund Group meet regularly to review the progress of fundraising events. These meetings are where you can get involved with fundraising initiatives.

Details of the next meeting can be found in the news sections of the website.
Also, if you have an idea let us know what it is and whether you need help organising it.